The company of solutions in urban hygiene is working in the expansion of its plant. During this year will raise two new plants, with a very important investment. The firm has a lot of development in Latin America, especially in Ecuador and Venezuela.

Oncativo company informed that it is building two new ships that it plans to build in 2016, which will require a total investment, including equipment, in the order of 60 million pesos each. What we are doing is to carry out at the moment the project of one of the industrial plant that will be ready by February or March. And we plan to build another one for the remainder of the year, "said Oscar Scorza, president of Econovo, "This is an investment of 17 million pesos in each work and between 3 million and 4 million dollars in machinery for each of the new plants," said Scorza.

During 2015 we have grown in the demand for different products for the industry and that allows us now to plan this expansion. These are products that we produce ourselves or international branded devices of which we have representation, "said the businessman from Cordoba in statements published by specialized media such as comercio y justicia, Ambito Financiero and Punto a Punto”.

South America

As an example, there are more orders for robots for welding, laser and loading machinery, among others ... We have clearly grown as a company in the national market and in South America. We are producing more than 35 units per month among compactors, sweepers, roll off and others”, said the businessman.

Econovo growth is very clear in South America as our developments in Ecuador and Venezuela are a success, he added. Future Econovo also plans to build a plant in the Province of Buenos Aires for the next few years, although there is still no confirmed date for its start.

On the other hand, during this year the company will install five plants of sanitary landfill without smell, in different parts of the country.

We have the representation for Latin America of a firm of baling garbage and we already have one in Calamuchita that assists 17 municipalities," Scorza said. Meanwhile, we expect to be able to work in Rio Segundo with 36 municipalities, in Buenos Aires and other parts of the country, he said I just came from China and Europe, where I accompanied technicians from the company in search of new technologies and developments. It is fundamental for us to live up to the latest developments in equipment. That was always and is the engine of our company: to train and grow not only in equipment to achieve the best solid waste management throughout its supply chain.

Our challenge is to produce more machinery from Oncativo to the world, "Scorza said.

Oil and gas

One of Econovo most important achievements during 2015 was its incursion into the mining and oil market.

According to CyJ previously reported, the company began to represent in the country two international heavy machinery firms: Screen Machine, United States, and Belaz, Belarus.

The agreement signed with international companies is for the whole of South America. The products are intended for the movement of soil in mining and oil - which includes trucks, trains and buses - and the aggregate crushing machines of large sizes and separators of different materials.


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