Its owner, Oscar Scorza, explains that the firm had incorporated technology for the production of equipment for the oil and mining industry, but given the complicated situation of the sector (failing international prices), he decided to freeze these plans and put chips to the waste. In sweepers, he works on a new plan with an allied firm, the Italian company Dulevo, with which they maintain a joint brand, a company that allows them to export large equipment to Europe and import small units for the domestic market. In this context, the firm has already doubled its production from three to six sweepers per month in a short time.

Econovo, a firm with 150 employees, has a plant with three industrial plants for manufacturing in Oncativo and another building for equipment assembly and marketing in Lanus, province of Buenos Aires. From there it serves the largest market for waste treatment equipment, which are the municipalities of Buenos Aires.

At the end of the month, Econovo will have a new industrial plant in Oncativo, which will allow it to advance in the new plans. One of them is to continue participating in projects for baling the garbage, in what already has as curriculum two initiatives. One in Margarita island, Venezuela, where he set up the plant, and also managed until last year the service provided by state-owned Sanear, which processes between 700 and 800 tons of garbage per day.

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, is planning several more balers, but that depends on the economic and political situation.

He also set up the baling system in Calamuchita, which processes 100 tons of the municipalities of the area. Now, it prepares a new line of baling in Oncativo, that will receive the residues of 27 small dumps of that zone of Cordoba and that will have a capacity to treat 200 tons daily.

Scorza evaluates to manufacture in Oncativo a wind generator of energy, in principle to generate electricity for its own plant, and does not discard to generate more energy of the one that needs, to sell it to the electrical system.

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