Corporate Social Responsibility


For Econovo, the well-being of the people is fundamental, for that reason, it works day by day in new projects that return to the society much of what it offers.
Being a jointly and severally responsible company has repercussions on the insertion and development of our company. Because without our people and without the society in which we are inserted, it would be impossible to be what we are today, we try to help with our resources to provide better well-being, supporting sports institutions, schools, athletes and, above all, Our beloved city with recreational activities that promote union and communion through healthy competition, with the aim of keeping them away from all those things that today the world is fighting like drugs and alcohol.

On September 21st, the Ecomatch Games will be opened, with the main objective of offering a different option to the youth and family during the summer, in which they can share, have fun and develop their creativity through different activities Terrestrial and aquatic, over 23 journeys. With the collaboration of Sports Institutions, a group of people dedicated to the creation and evaluation of the slogans, and local companies, the boys who participate have the possibility of earning a study trip.


The end of the games has its place in the first days of February, giving way to the Carnivals of Oncativo, where it has the participation of various local institutions, EcoMatch Games, local businesses and street musicians of the Province of Córdoba. With free admission, during a weekend, being the only one that has in its closure "wet, wet and do not get angry ", which consists of a war of water between the floats and 0% of Alcohol.
The organization is carried out by the team of the Games Ecomatch, competition that takes place from September in the secondary schools of Oncativo led by its mentor Oscar "Pupi" Scorza.