Econovo supports sports through different sponsorship actions.
We believe in the values of sacrifice, effort and constancy transmitted by athletes every day, and in each competition

Econovo in Sports club

CLUB ATLÉTICO FLOR DE CEIBO (Oncativo):  Sponsorship in multiple disciplines..
CLUB DEPORTIVO Y CULTURAL  UNIÓN (Oncativo):   Sponsorship in multiple disciplines.
CLUB ATENAS DE CÓRDOBA (Córdoba capital):   Sponsorship in multiple disciplines.

Automovilistic Sports

Tourism Track: Darío García.
Fiat Abarth: Elder Tasca.
National Rally: Elder Tasca.
Formula Renault 2.0: Facundo Cazal.
Top Race NOA: Facundo Cazal.
National Tourism: Facundo Chapur.
Tourism Road: Pato Silva.